How to Charge Crystals?

When you use crystals for Healing yourself or others the energies can deteriorate over time due to constant surrounding negativity gradually overcoming the energized positivity. You see we need to enhance the inbuilt energies of the stone by injecting positivity intended energies into a stone, thus maximizing the natural abilities to heal and provide stone oriented benefits. There are many methods or process to inject energies into any stone making them “Energized Stones” or “Energized Crystals”. One simple way to pour\inject energy as guided by The Supreme Divine Energy is:

  • Be clean with fresh clothes.
  • Be clean with fresh clothes.
  • Be happy with calm mind.
  • Be grounded and sit near your altar or highly positive environment.
  • Be alone without any distractions.
  • Bath the crystal\stone with water.
  • Wipe clean with clean cloth\napkin.
  • Pray to your God according to your beliefs.
  • Raise your R arm and visualize touching Cosmic positivity energy.
  • And immediately touch the crystal\stone with L arm visualize discharging your soul energy and cosmic positivity into crystal\stone.
  • Graciously cuddle the crystal\stone with love and care like a small baby.
  • Visualizing your bodily Aura, Chakras and your soul and have it touch your heart and visualize it integrating into being part of your body.

Remember – Your Soul is the real source of the energy and it is always connected to the Cosmos. Hence, pouring your soul energy is of utmost importance.

Rudraji, uses his Third Eye (Shiv Jyoti) to pour\inject pure and blissful Spiritual Energy directly from the Supreme Divine Energy as they are being “Blessed” by him personally. Naturally, one can always use the above gifted process to charge their crystals and stones if they would like.